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The Many Rewards of Slow Cooking

Today the slow cooker has become the most popular appliance in the kitchen, and for good reason. Consider this. Of all the many methods of food preparation and cooking available to us, slow cooking in a Union-Jack-Crock-Pot-High-Rescrockpot is the cheapest, the most convenient, produces the most flavorful foods, and creates the healthiest and most nutritious meals.

But perhaps the biggest and least understood bonus you get with crockpot cooking is that it represents a sure fire way to serve dinners that are low in both fat and calories.

The purpose of this website is to enlighten our readers about the many benefits of slow cooking and to provide them with the knowledge, the recipes, and the knowhow they need to enjoy slow cooking at its fullest.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the great benefits of slow cooking with your crockpot.

Low Cost Cooking

When you use your slow cooker you will be saving money in a variety of ways, First, your produce for the most part will consist of unprocessed, all natural fruits and vegetables. You will not be paying premiums for highly processed ingredients and expensive packaging. Your crockpot is one of the greatest meat tenderizers ever invented, and you will normally be utilizing the cheapest cuts of meat instead of the most expensive.

Chuck roasts, round steak, pork shoulders and poultry thighs and drumsticks are automatically tenderized by the low heat of your crockpot, and will remain more moist and tender than the leaner, more expensive cuts. Your slow cooker also consumes a low amount of power relative to the multiple appliances you use preparing a conventional dinner.


The Convenience of an Unwatched Pot

With most crockpot recipes, you can “set it and forget it.” If like most of us you are a working parent, your evening meal requires no more than fifteen or twenty minutes of morning preparation and an eight or nine hour setting on your crockpot. No stirring, no “turning over” and no pot watching are necessary during the day.

There aren’t too many things better than getting home after a long, hard day and having a great dinner ready and waiting for you. Almost as good as having your own Chef.

Great Flavors and Wonderful Aromas

Among the great bonuses of crockpot cooking are the great aromas that fill your house while the cooking progresses. At a cook temperature of about 200° F your ingredients are “stewing in their own juices “ and essentially cooking in steam.

Your crockpot lid not only seals in vital nutrients, but it preserves the great flavors and aromas of your recipe. For example, if you add a touch of wine to your recipe it does not evaporate or boil away, and if you finish up your cook with herbs and spices they will not cook away nor will their flavors be diluted.

Nutritious Meals – Low Fat & Low Calories

We usually associate slow cooking with comfort foods and we associate comfort foods with high calories. The reality, though is quite the opposite. When you cook with your crockpot, you are almost always using all natural ingredients and most recipes require that you you trim the fat from your meats before beginning.

Crockpots don’t like fat, they don’t like breading, and they don’t like processed, artificial ingredients. So though it seems counterintuitive, slow cooking is a great way to eat healthy and lose weight at the same time. All the beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your ingredients are sealed in, and never cook away in your crockpot. Here at crockpotcooking.org we have compiled hundreds of great recipes that all contain less than 400 calories per serving.